Our menu

Outward or Huelva

Shavings of Iberian cured ham
Coquina clams sautéed with garlic and arsley
Marinated anchovies in oil and vinegar
“La Rusa” Potato and tuna salad with mayonnaise
Steamed mussels with citrus in a pot
Grilled or à la marinière Clams
Anchovies (6 fillets)
Ask for our flat bread with tomate

Pepa’s pan

Floured squid legs
Baby floured white bait with fried eggs
Diced potatoes in spicy sauce and mayonnaise
Fried squid rings in batter
Floured & fried babys quids Andalusia style
Roasted meat croquettes or cured ham
Floured & fried fresh anchovies
Fried eggs in a fries nest of straw potatoes (with foie or with cured ham)
Chicken strips

The backyard

Tomato and tuna belly salad
Asparagus with cured ham
Steak-tartar with little toasts
Hummus with bean sprouts and curry chips
Goatcheese salad
Cesar’s salad
Aubergine, goat cheese and honey


Marinated pork meat in a skewer with potato chips
Vilanova red shrimps
Grilled tuna with red shrimps pie
Grilled octopus with Parmentier purée and sweet paprika
Sliced Iberian pork with hummus and apple
Sliced beef entrecote with vegetables or thin stick fries
Grilled pork steak with chimichurri sauce fried
Chicken thigh grilled
Catalan sausage with Pedro Ximenez and foie

My Cod !!

Baked codfish with alioli (garlic mayonnaise and honey)
Fried codfish with tempura vegetables
Grilled codfish with Santa Pau beans

Plus Jaleo

Baby broad beans and squid
Homemade cannelloni stuffed with meat & vegetables
Chicken cordon bleu
Antonia’s style meatballs
Black rice paella with shrimp & mussels
Rice paella with lobster
Pepa’s mother rice paella with clams shrimp & mussels
Noodle paella with shrimp & mussels

Look at our displayed suggestions, there’s always something interesting!!

Dessert menu

Eat yourself…the jar!

Cheese cake
Chocolate and pineapple pannacota
Catalan cream cones

Classic La Pepa

Catalan cream
Gratin pineapple with cream
Brownie with mint ice cream

We are still looking forward to…

Orange juice
Bread with chocolate
Coulant with vanilla ice cream
Assortment of catanias
Vilanova moons with nougat ice cream
Yogurt with raspberries ice cream
Cottage cheese with honey and walnuts

Ice Cream

Belgian chocolate
Vanilla bourbon whiskeys
Verna lemon
Wild raspberries
Nougat Agramunt
White mint with leaves
1 scoop of ice cream
2 scoop of ice cream
Trio of ice cream
Valencianito (Orange juice with vanilla ice cream)


Gintònic Canterbury / Nordic
Irish Coffee



Wine list


Masia la sala (Penedès)
Blanc de pacs (Penedès)
Calcari (Penedès-Xarel·lo)
Ginesta (Penedès-gewürztraminer)
Indígena (Penedès-garnatxa)
Honeymoon (Penedès-parellada)
Perfum (Penedès-Macabeo-Viura)
Moustillant (Penedès-aguja)
Afortunado (Rueda)
Ophalum (Albariño)
Paco y Lola (Albariño)


Masia la sala (Penedès)
Ros de pacs (Penedès)
Petjades (Penedès-merlot)
Indígena (Penedès-garnatxa)
La Rosa (Penedès-merlot)


Masia la sala (Penedès)
Mas petit (Penedès)
Indígena (Penedès-garnatxa)
Mas Elena (Penedès)
Mas Irene (Penedès)
Luno (Montsant)
2pr (Priorato)
Camino romano (Ribera –tinta fina)
Carmelo rodero roble (Ribera-tinta fina)
Carmelo rodero crianza (Ribera-tinta fina)
Romanico (Toro-tinta de toro)
Almirez (Toro-tinta de toro)
Sierra Cantabria selección (Rioja-tempranillo)
Sierra Cantabria crianza (Rioja-tempranillo)
Sierra Cantabria cuvée (Rioja-tempranillo)
El puntido (Rioja-tempranillo)
Sangría de vino
Sureo “tinto de verano”


Parés Baltà (B/N)
Blanca Cusiné (El de Pepe)
Rosa Cusiné (Rosado) (el de la Pepa)
Llopart Reserva (B/N)
Llopart Brut Rosé (Rosado)
Torelló (B/N)
Familia Oliveda (Brut)
De Nit (Brut)
Sangría de Cava



La Pepa Jaleo